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Give your pet only the best dog food and cat food

Commitment to the best dog food and cat food

We will build nutrition and health/longevity into all our cooking. 

There is no chance we will bend to compromise when it comes to the quality of the food. 

I  promise you will see shiny coats, lean muscle, no excess fat, more energy and stamina, clean teeth, clear eyes, and happy belly's! 

About Us


What is Max's Pet Deli?


Max’s Pet Deli, is a Human grade pet food manufacturer and retailer that produces super foods with 0% preservatives for our furry family members! We cook all our food. We use a system of cooking called “Sous Vide” (Under vacuum).  By using Bpa free bags we produce all our meats and vegetables in this gentle method of cooking. Which uses low temperature water circulating around  the vacuum sealed product. This method produces the best results for nutrition and vitamin retention. 

Max's Pet Deli boasts an all-natural, preservative free, human-grade diet that puts the health and happiness of your pet first!

We are proudly Canadian and are based out of Sudbury, Ontario. All of the meats, vegetables, and herbs that we use in our recipes are sourced from local Canadian farms.


Cooking Method: Sous-Vide

French for "under vacuum." Sous-vide is a slow-cooking method where food items are placed into vacuum sealed bags and then added into a water bath with constantly regulated temperatures. Cooking meats and vegetables for about 6+ hours ensures that the nutrients and moisture content are not lost and provide a more flavorful taste.


Transparency is Key

 At Max's Pet Deli, we don't just sell great dog food, and cat food. We have a huge open window looking into our cooking facility where you are able to watch your best friend's food being prepared.  Transparency is our motto - what you see is what you get! We have invested a lot love and research into creating the most well balanced and nutritional diets for your dogs and cats - vitamins and minerals intact.

Our Process

Cooking Sous-vide ensures that no quality or nutrients are lost from the food during the cooking process. Once the food items are cooked and combined, we vacuum seal each bag which, once frozen, gives the package a shelf life of 6-12 months. 



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